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Not principles, but interests govern European Parliament - pundit

13 March 2023 [16:32] - TODAY.AZ

In the near future, the European Parliament is preparing to adopt another slanderous resolution against Azerbaijan, consisting of baseless claims and accusations put forward by Armenia. The initial text of the resolution contains Armenian lies, claims such as Azerbaijan's alleged "military aggression" against Armenia, the alleged "blockade" of the Lachin road, as well as the "Minsk group", "status", "Nagorno-Karabakh" and so on.

Political pundit Elchin Mirzabayli commented on the issue to Azertac, Azernews reports.

In his opinion, turning a blind eye to the occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenia for nearly 30 years and the atrocities committed in Karabakh, accusing Azerbaijan of “military aggression against Armenia,” the European Parliament is demonstrating political immorality and shamelessness. It seems that European parliamentarians are continuing their classic traditions.

“The European Parliament, "challenged" by the parliamentarians, who perform as advocates of individual countries and institutions, including Armenia and the Armenian diaspora, in exchange for dirty money, has long lost its authority and is governed by interests, not by the principles of parliamentarianism," Elchin Mirzabayli emphasized.

Touching on the issue of Eva Kaili, the vice-president of the European Parliament from Greece, who was arrested in December 2022, the political expert said: “This fact once again proves what the `real mission' of the institution in question consists of.”

Eva Kaili was also one of the active members of the Armenian lobby in the EP, and one month before her arrest, she was included in the list of 33 parliamentarians, who submitted a draft resolution to the European Parliament against our country. Like other members of the "friendship" group with Armenia in the EP, Eva Kailin is considered to be one of the people in his close circle of Kaspar Karampetyan, the patron of Armenian separatists and Armenian terrorist organizations, including ASALA, the head of the ultranationalist Dashnaksutyun organization hidden under the name "Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy" in Europe.

Karampetyan controls European parliamentarians with a "conductor's rod" as he wishes. The information about the scandalous election campaign of his close friend, MP Lukas Furlas from Northern Cyprus, the head of Armenia's friends' group in the EP, can be evaluated as a factor confirming that he got his way to the European Parliament with the dirty money of Dashnaksutyun.

"The fact that 13 percent of the European parliamentarians participating in various trips and parties at the invitation of third parties, included in one of the latest studies of the Belgian publication Le Soir, is undoubtedly a small part of the revealed facts. But these facts are enough to understand the real situation in the European Parliament. According to Le Soir's investigation, such trips and parties are organized mainly by Armenia and the Armenian diaspora.

At the parties, organized by Karampetyan, Lucas Furlas was in the front row with another parliamentarian from France, François-Xavier Bellamy, and Kaspar Karampetyan thanked Lucas Furlas "for 20 years of cooperation with European institutions" and this proves that the head of the "friendship group" with Armenia was one of the main figures in bribing European parliamentarians.

Moreover, Lukas Furlas works in the European Parliament as a spy for Karampetyan. He finds out the weaknesses of European parliamentarians, passes the information on to Karampetyan, and then gold rings are sent to gold lovers, diamond-encrusted gifts to jewelers, and live "rewards" to some according to their orientations.

All these are just a small part of the moments that bring to light the real and disgusting faces of European parliamentarians, who are trying to teach the world "democracy, and human rights". The number of invisible, unrevealed abominations is many times more than that, and justice should not be expected from them," Elchin Mirzabayli said.

He said with regret that the European parliamentarians, whose eyes are covered by a veil of racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia, for some reason do not see the bloody traces of Armenian brutality in the territories freed from the occupation of Azerbaijan and do not want to look at the most shameful scene in human history and express their opinions.

After the 44-day war, up to 300 Azerbaijani citizens became victims of Armenia's mine terror. Among them are media representatives who fulfill their professional obligations. I wonder, why the European parliamentarians, who blow countless soap bubbles about "freedom of speech and opinion" when it suits their own interests, remain spectators to the killings of Azerbaijani journalists and innocent people becoming victims of Armenian terrorism?

According to the political pundit, maybe Armenians have been given a special status by the EP and they can kill innocent people, occupy other people's lands, and destroy their houses and sanctuaries. What kind of thinking is that? With what right do the people who are carriers of this primitive communal thinking and tribal thinking make accusations against Azerbaijan?

"For us, the next `resolution' that the European Parliament is preparing to adopt is a crumpled piece of paper, smeared with facelessness, hypocrisy, and political immorality, and in no case can it create an obstacle to the will of the Azerbaijani state, the position of the Azerbaijani people, and the achievement of our country's legitimate goals," he said.


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