Today.Az » Society » Day 84: Azerbaijani eco-activists’ vigil on major Karabakh road continues
05 March 2023 [17:59] - Today.Az

For 84 days back-to-back, Azerbaijani eco-activists have been persistent in their peaceful picketing on the major road leading to the Armenian border from Karabakh, against the illicit exploitation of Azerbaijan's natural resources.

According to Azernews, reports available by now show that almost 53 vehicles of Russian peacekeepers have passed the control point of the Azerbaijani eco-activists unhindered.

The vigorous vigil dates back to December 12, 2022, and to this day, the picketers have not altered their motive in compelling the Russian peacekeepers to provide access to the Qizilbulag and Damirli deposits in Karabakh for Azerbaijani experts to assess their current state and possible impact on the regional environment.

After the Russian peacekeepers' failure to provide the necessary conditions for the Azerbaijani agency representatives to carry out their duties in the area, a group of eco-activists, NGOs, and public representatives have taken to the street in protest at the peacekeepers' repugnance to live up to their obligations in line with the November 10, 2020, peace deal to maintain peace and order in the region, and oust the Armenian troops from the region and prevent illegalities. However, time proved that the Russian peacekeepers are driven by the interests of Russia rather than the idea coming from the essence of the notion of peacekeeping as universally understood.

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