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05 February 2023 [11:00] - Today.Az

By Azernews

Fatima Hasanova

The rates of fare for passenger transport on intercity (interdistrict) bus routes have been decided based on the distance, Azernews reports via International Bus Terminal Complex.

The fare is determined in accordance with the tariff that was approved by the Tariff Council of Azerbaijan on January 31.

On February 3, the changes to the tariffs come to force.

On January 31, the Tariff Council of Azerbaijan held a regular meeting. As a result, the fare for passenger transportation by bus and metro increased from 0.30 to AZN0.40 (0.23 cents).

Following the discussions, the fare for passenger transport in the metro was approved, increasing from 0.30 to AZN0.40 for a single trip. The maximum tariff allowed in the country is AZN0.40 on intra-city bus routes and AZN0.40 - AZN1 (0.23-0.70 cents) on suburban and intercity bus routes, depending on the distance. The maximum fare for intercity bus routes has been increased from AZN2.4 (0.014 cents) to AZN0.3 per kilometer.

The bus fleet can be upgraded with additional funds that will become available as a result of tariff changes, which will enhance the service's quality and sustainability.

Participants in the meeting also stressed the importance of differentiating tariffs to protect socially vulnerable segments of the population, the introduction of multi-level tariffs with varying trip counts and payment terms, and the prompt completion of the tasks required to ensure cashless fares.

The link provides more details on the prices for passenger transportation on intercity (inter-district) bus routes.

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