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10 August 2022 [17:49] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Vugar Khalilov

The Azerbaijani State Border Service prevented the smuggling of 11.5 kg of drugs and psychotropic pills on the border with Iran, Azernews reports, citing the service.

The State Border Service of Azerbaijan successfully continues border protection measures in the field of ensuring the protection of the state border and combating drug smuggling.

At 2040 hours on July 27, the border guards serving in the area of the border post near Avash village of Yardimli District noticed the violation of the state border from Iran to Azerbaijan by two unknown individuals.

The service area had been sealed up. The smugglers dropped the package in their hands and rushed back toward Iran, disobeying the border guards’ stop command and warning shots and taking advantage of the dark weather and complicated terrain.

As a result of the border search and operational measures carried out in that area, in one package, a drug-like substance (opium) weighing approximately 5.025 kg and one "PULSAR HELION 2" thermal night vision device were found in the area.

The second incident took place at 2230 hours on August 5, when the border guard discovered signs of the state border violation from Iran to the area of ??the border post located near Astara’s Kapicimahalla.

The area was cordoned off and the border search was launched following the inspection of the border strip and control devices.

As a result of the operational measures, border guards noticed a suspect getting out of a car that had stopped near the engineering technical fence near Kapicimahalla village at approximately 2300 and taking a package hidden in the bush after inspecting the surroundings.

Mammadov Ilgar (54), an Aghdam District resident, who had previously been convicted, was detained while attempting to take the package and leave the scene ignoring the border guards' stop command.

During the inspection of the package in his hand, methamphetamine pills with an approximate weight of 5.780 kg and 695 grams of narcotic substance (marijuana) were seized.

When the driver of the car saw Ilgar Mammadov was detained, he defied the border guard's legal obligations and drove away from the location at high speed.

The relevant Interior Ministry authority was alerted about the arrest of the car that left the scene, and as a result, the driver of the car, Khojavand resident Aslanov Anar (42), was detained by traffic police in Masalli District. It was established that Aslanov had previously been convicted for illegal drug trafficking as well.

Operational-investigative measures are underway into both cases.

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