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13 July 2022 [11:47] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Laman Ismayilova

The Moon will arrive at its closest point to the Earth on July 13, 2022, Azernews reports.

On Wednesday, the moon's orbit will bring it closer to the Earth than usual, which is known as a supermoon.

The Moon (13:09, Baku time) will approach the Earth at 357,263 km.

The visible diameter of the Moon is 33 minutes 27 seconds. A full moon will occur on the same day at 22:38.

The previous supermoon on June 14 was named "Strawberry moon" as it is the full moon at strawberry harvest time.

So, if you missed last month's supermoon, you have another chance to enjoy an astronomical phenomenon.

As reports, the term supermoon was coined in 1979 and is often used to describe what astronomers would call a perigean (full moon).

A full moon occurs near or at the time when the Moon is at the closest point in its orbit around the Earth.

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