Today.Az » Society » Minister of Health closes department and opens another just changing the name
23 November 2005 [12:37] - Today.Az
One more department has been abolished in the Ministry of Health.

The Pharmacy and medical technical supply department headed by Akif Maharramov who assisted the former Minister of Health Ali Insanov in plotting coup d’etat was abolished. The department has been replaced with a new one.

Difference between the former department and the new one, called Innovations and Researches is that the new department has been commissioned by way more authorities.

Arif Jabrayilov was appointed the chief of the Innovations and Researches Department. Now the Ministry intends to relocate the department currently situated in the building of the ministry to another building.

It is also expected that soon the Minister of Health will annul the extra-budgetary Medical Service Department.


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