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27 July 2021 [18:15] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Laman Ismayilova

Variable precipitation is expected in Baku and the Absheron Peninsula on July 28. Strong northwest wind will blow.

The air temperature will be 20-22 ° C at night, 24-26 ° C in the daytime, the Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry reported.

In Baku, the temperature will be 20-22 ° C at night, 24-26 ° C in the daytime.

Atmospheric pressure will rise from 755 mm to 760 mm Hg. Relative humidity will reach 70-80 percent.

Strong northwest wind will blow on the beaches. The sea water temperature on the northern beaches (Sumgayit, Novkhani, Pirshagi, Nardaran, Bilgah, Zagulba) will be 23-24 ° C.

The temperature on the southern beaches (Turkan, Hovsan, Sahil, Shikhov) will reach- 24-25 ° C.

A temperature regime close to the climatic norm is expected on the Absheron Peninsula. However, Khazri wind can be unfavorable for weather-sensitive people.

Thunderstorms expected in the regions. West wind will blow. The air temperature at night will be 19-24 ° C, in the daytime - 29-34 ° C. In the mountains, the temperature will be  11-16 ° C at night ,  and up to 18 ° C in the daytime. 

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