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26 March 2005 [16:21] - Today.Az
As a result of operation-investigation measures held by the associates of The Ministries of National Security and International Affairs, people activating in groups who are engaged in illegal circulation of narcotic drugs on Iran-Azerbaijan itinerary were exposed.

MIA and MNS spread common information about the fact.

The information was given to APA from the department of public relations of the MNS. In the information it was stated that, as a result of operation-investigation works held on 1 March of this year, Beylagan region residents Huseynov Sahib Orujali oghlu born in 1956 and Mehdiyev Seyran Mehdi oghlu born in 1962 were stopped, during the exploration about half a kilo of heroin was found on them. At the same time, the customer of that narcotic drug, resident of Beylagan region, Shirinov Kheyir Barat oghlu born in 1953 was arrested.

On 22 March, the other members of criminal group activating on the same itinerary, residents of Beylagan, Fatiyev Elchin Taghi oghlu born in 1960 and Balakishiyev Seymur Telman oghlu born in 1978 were arrested, during the check up in the house of the second, about a kilo of heroin, more than half a kilo opium and 4 kilos and 378 grams of marihuana were found out which was brought from Iran.

On March 23, the other members of the group- Nasirov Safar Ahgagul oghlu born in 1962, and Mammadov Elshan Nurali oghlu born in 1968 were arrested. On that day, as a result of the operation-investigation measure held commonly by the MNS and MIA Saatli resident known as "Seyid" in criminal world Hasanov Umud Shukur oghlu born in 1963 and of operation agent of the group of struggle against organized criminality of Saatli Region Police Station known with "Akula" nickname, police major, Mammadov Akif Kazim oghlu born in 1955 were arrested in the territory of Imishli region. 74 kilos 660 grams of marihuana brought from Iran illegally was found on them. Umud Hasanov and Akif Mammadov tried to escape from the place of incident. They were shot at because of not obeying the warning. As a result Akif Mammadov was weakly wounded from his leg.

As a result of measures held operatively three more members of the group were arrested on March 23 in the territory of Aghjabedi. According to the information received, criminal group headed by Akif Mammadov and Umud Hasanov had activated for a long time without any punishment, and regularly organized the bringing narcotic drugs into the country and their realization.

Criminal case on all three facts began. Exploration of all cases of the work, necessary investigation actions and operation-investigation measures are being realized for exposing the other participants of the criminal.

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