Today.Az » Society » 75 vehicles fell per 1000 men in Azerbaijan
16 March 2005 [14:12] - Today.Az
75 vehicles fell per 1000 men in Azerbaijan, Natik Zarbaliyev, the chairman of the Association of Automobile Dealers, told journalists.

According to Zarbaliyev, the number of citizens with the driver certificate exceeds 1 million. In 2003 28,000 new and second-hand cars were sold in the country, while in 2004 the figure grew 15%.

"It's enough to look at streets during the rush-hours to understand the growth pace of owners of automobiles. If to take into consideration the automobiles sold without registration, one can asset that growth pace of vehicles is too high," he noted.

Zarbaliyev underlined that the data analyzed by the Association were accorded with the State Statistics Committee and the State Road Police Department.

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