Today.Az » Society » Social 448 women in Azerbaijan underwent tortures last year
24 February 2005 [09:14] - Today.Az
448 cases of violence against women in Azerbaijan were registered in 2004, Mehriban Zeynalova, Chairman of the Social Society for Human Rights told the Trend Agency.

According to her, some 228 of them were the cases of women trafficking, whereas the government officials violated rights of 40 women. In the result, one of them died and 23 were injured. 35 of 50 died as a result of attempts to commit suicide. 8 women of 13 fell victims of revenge cases and 5 escaped with serious damages. As a result of 21 cases of rape, 4 women died and 17 were injured. Besides, 2 cases against women connected with hooliganism were also registered. 15 perished and 21 were injured as a result of 36 cases of assault and battery.

According to Ms. Zeynalova, 31 cases were registered as a result of family violence and daily scandals, 17 of which resulted in lights and 14 in serious damages. 51 women were imposed to violence on the basis of jealousy, 42 of which died and 9 were heavily injured. 76% of the above cases happened in front of the children. Ms. Zeynalova also added that the most troubling were the facts when 4 women were killed by their husbands because of becoming pregnant.

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