Today.Az » World news » Toygun armed Armenian robs a store
29 October 2010 [11:43] - Today.Az

A 20 year old Armenian robbed one of the stores in Krasnodar (Russia). Reportedly, a young man entered the store at approx 4 o'clock (local time), took out his gun, and started threatening the girl, who was working inside. Due to death threats, the girl gave away all the money (approx. 8 000 rubles), and after that, the man took off, according to Armenia today.

The polcie managed to establish the identity of a young man, due to CCTV footage, since the robber was unmasked. Soon, the man was detained. He explained that he gone for the robbery because his father passed away, and he needed money for burials. Now, he is facing up to 10 years of imprisonment.


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