Today.Az » World news » ASELSAN receives large fund worth of additional orders
16 May 2024 [21:22] - Today.Az

"After contract modifications related to current projects for urban security between ASELSAN and the Presidency of Defence Industries, a total of $353,863,000 worth of additional orders were placed.

Contract modifications were made between ASELSAN and the Presidency of Defence Industries of the Republic of Turkey regarding current projects for urban security.

According to the statement made by ASELSAN, with these contract modifications, additional orders for urban security management systems totaling $353,863,000 were placed.

The statement noted, 'Within the scope of these contract modifications, it is planned to complete deliveries by the end of 2027 with the contribution of stakeholders in the Turkish defence industry ecosystem."

Aselsan is a Turkish defense industry company based in Ankara. It was founded in 1975 by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation to fulfil the military communication requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces.

Aselsan has consistently broadened its customer base and product portfolio by leveraging advanced technology since its inception.

Today, it has transformed into a cohesive electronic industry organisation encompassing the development, production, installation, marketing, and after-sales of contemporary electronic devices and systems. It operates facilities in Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

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