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22 February 2024 [20:47] - Today.Az

By Azernews

Elnur Enveroglu

It is not a new phenomenon that Armenia, which is hostile to historical and religious monuments, presents its existence in a pitiful way in front of the world community by creating an artificial show. Armenia simply keeps grasping at straws. However, the case of Armenia is somewhat different here. The ideology of the "ancient Armenian" people, who made themselves residents of the South Caucasus by force and created fake historical monuments from time to time, is the product of this tradition.

Nakhchivan has been a land inhabited by ancient people for a thousand or more years. An ancient land of Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan is one of the first human settlements to give birth to life on Earth. Here, the people of Azerbaijan created an ancient and rich culture. Besides, this beautiful location is closely linked with ancient Eastern civilizations, like the other districts of Azerbaijan, and has left a deep trace on the course of historical development. A rich historical, scientific, and cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani people has emerged here.

Scientists explain the origin of the word «Nakhchivan» in different ways. According to Azerbaijani etymology and authoritative historical sources, «Nakhchivan» was developed from the words «Nagshi-jahan», that is, «ornament of the world», or «adornment of the world». Another story widely spread among people says the geographical name «Nakhchivan» is linked with the prophet Noah, or more exactly, with the «global flood» and means «Nuhchuvan» - «the land of Noah’s followers», or «Noah’s land».

Unfortunately, Armenians raided history and invented their own narratives. According to Armenian claims, the first Hayk descended from the son of Prophet Noah. The point is that all prophets came to preach Islam, and this shows that a generation that considers itself the successor of Prophet Noah must necessarily be connected to Islamic roots. There is no mistaking it – indeed, the Oneness of God (monotheism) was brought to the people not only in the holy city of Makkah but also by all the prophets across the world since before.

?We are not talking about the main religion. The main issue is that Armenia carves its name everywhere and forges fantasies about itself.

Armenians began to spread to the South Caucasus only during the period of Tsarist Russia. There is some information in the ancient Seljuk history that says that there were very few Armenians in these areas until that time.

But why does Armenia make claims about so-called historical monuments in Nakhchivan today?

On February 16, the European Parliament again adopted a resolution on Azerbaijan's cultural heritage, referring to the groundless claims of Armenians. In the resolution, it is alleged that Azerbaijan destroyed the khachgars as though from an Armenian cemetery in the Julfa district of Nakhchivan.

In addition to its groundless accusation, the European Parliament demands that Azerbaijan allow the activities of missions on its territory, such as those of ICOMOS - experts working with the International Council on Monuments and Sites, who want to study the archaeological heritage and the problem of its protection, in particular the so-called Armenian heritage. The EP also demanded that its delegation be allowed to visit the archaeological excavations in Julfa. This resolution was also submitted to the Director General of UNESCO and the Secretary General of the UN.

Moreover, it is mentioned in the claim that allegedly Armenians were historically expelled from the territories of Azerbaijan as a result of pogroms, and the most ridiculous point is their false territorial claims under the names of “Gardman-Shirvan and Nakhchivan”. It is clear that there are Shirvan or Girdman etymological names related to ancient Shirvanshahs and Girdman states in Azerbaijan. However, when they have nothing to do with Armenians, it is the last limit of impudence that Armenians try to adopt these names.

Most probably, Armenians put forward such a false claim in order to slide down the issue of Erivan, which is the territory of Azerbaijan, and to avoid responding to the legitimate demands of the Western Azerbaijan Community.

If so, then who will answer for the destroyed mosques and historical monuments in Erivan and Garabagh?

Unfortunately, Western and especially European organisations, both relevant and unrelated to the issue, support the dissemination of Armenian lies to the world by turning every word from Armenians into a resolution. But there is still no one who wants to see the truth...

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