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19 February 2024 [22:50] - Today.Az

?By Alimat Aliyeva

A zone has been formed in the United States that turned out to be unaffected by global warming, Azernews reports, citing the results of a study conducted by an international group of scientists.

It was found that the main reason for this anomaly is extensive reforestation in most of the eastern United States.
From the very beginning of the early colonial history of the United States, there was a surge in deforestation when woodlands were cut down for agriculture and housing, but from about the 1920s, the situation began to change as more people began to move to cities. Meanwhile, the U.S. government has embarked on an aggressive tree-planting program, resulting in the restoration of about 15 million hectares of forests in the eastern United States in the last century.

The restoration of the eastern forests of the United States has weakened global warming mainly due to the transpiration of trees, in which water is absorbed through the roots to the leaves, and then released into the air as steam, slightly cooling the surrounding area.

Studying data from satellites and weather stations located in the eastern United States from 1900 to 2000, scientists found that the restored forests had such a cooling effect on a large scale, with most of this effect occurring within 400 meters of the trees.

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