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19 November 2021 [15:38] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Vugar Khalilov

Turkey’s border guards in the Ighd?r-Aghr? section of the Turkey-Iran state border actively use the latest technological weapons and equipment produced in the country to prevent irregular immigration and smuggling, as well as to fight terrorism, Yeni Shafak has reported.

The members of the Turkish Armed Forces are protecting the state border with Iran despite the harsh terrain and climatic conditions using all the possibilities of modern technologies.

The servicemen prevent all kinds of illegal crossings such as terrorists, drugs, illegal goods, diesel and irregular immigrants.

The commandos carry out reconnaissance and surveillance operations by applying weapons and equipment developed by Turkish engineers in their duties to find and neutralize terrorists.

The guards constantly inspect the firewall for external elements such as terrorists and smugglers trying to enter Turkey through caves and tunnels.

The personnel uses an underground imaging device of which software and hardware are produced entirely by domestic means. Thanks to this device as well as thermal and magnetic sensors, the border guards can detect possible caves and tunnels.

Furthermore, the domestic armored personnel carriers Vuran and Kirpi 2 are also the biggest supporters of the border guards, enabling them to patrol the region safely and quickly.

High-tech weapon systems and thermal cameras in armored vehicles produced by ASELSAN are also used effectively on the borderline.

The national production unmanned aerial vehicle Gozcu ensures that the area scanning is carried out effectively and fast. Moreover, the vehicle also has the ability to send the ammunition it carries to the target with its autonomous flight and detonate it at a specified distance.

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