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04 November 2021 [18:45] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Vugar Khalilov

The head of the Collective Against Racism and Islamophobia Abdelaziz Chaambi has criticized the growing Islamophobia in France, Yeni Shafak reported on November 1.

Chaambi said that their organisation was defending the rights of those who were expelled from schools or fired for going to the mosque and wearing headscarves. However, the organisation was closed with the pretext of inciting hatred, Chaambi said

He stressed that they are going to sue France’s Interior Minister Darmanin for closing their organisation.

“We will appeal this decision. We want this decision to be revoked. If we are not successful somehow, we will take the case to the European Commission of Human Rights,” Chaambi emphasized.

Chaambi noted that their organisation was the last target in France, where the oppression against Muslims is increasing on a daily basis. 

“France is currently fighting directly against Islam and Muslims. Both Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and racist Marine Le Pen say that they need to be even tougher in their fight against Islam,” he underlined.

Chaambi condemned the decision on closing the organisation that adopted by the Council of Ministers on October 20, describing it as a lie and fabrication.

“They also said that we provoked the people against the security forces. However, there is no such a situation where we provoke anyone against the security forces. On the contrary, we are trying to defend the rights of the oppressed, the rights of people, the rights of immigrants and Muslims,” he stressed.

Chaambi underlined that it is impossible for women to get a driving license, since they cannot take photos with headscarves

He added that women are expelled from restaurants for wearing headscarves or being fired for the same reason.

“We will continue to fight the oppressors by defending the rights of the oppressed. We contacted the lawyers in Paris to file a lawsuit against the Minister of the Interior Darmanin,” he stressed.

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