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18 October 2021 [17:13] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Vugar Khalilov

Turkey’s Defence Industry chief Ismail Demir has said that the defence industry is developing new unmanned land vehicles (UGVs), Yeni Shafak newspaper has reported.

He added that the unmanned land vehicle - ACROB is produced to meet the requirements of the security forces.

"Our UGV family is growing. ACROB light class unmanned land vehicles, developed with domestic means, are on duty as the little assistants of our security forces in reconnaissance/surveillance with three cameras, speed, and agility in all weather, terrain, and in different visibility conditions," Demir wrote on his Twitter account.

Developed with domestic and national resources, ACROB will provide very important services to the Turkish defence, Demir stressed.

 "With its three cameras, including the tail section, the ACROB UGV, which has a reconnaissance/surveillance function, can be easily carried on the back. ACROB stands out with its high mobility, speed and agility, especially with its stroke movement system in difficult terrain conditions,” he added.

Demir noted that the operational capability of the vehicle is constantly being improved thanks to the experience gained in developing technology.

The vehicle’s reconnaissance/surveillance/situational awareness capacity due to the camera added to the tail section with 180-degree turn capability makes it competitive among its foreign equivalents, Demir underlined.

He also emphasized Turkey’s successful steps in the global defence products exports to the world, noting the country’s important place in the market.

Along with Turkey, three more countries have included the ACROB vehicles in their security forces’ inventory, Demir said.

“As a result of the development and qualification activities carried out under the auspices of our Presidency, we continue to work on the development of the ACROB vehicle,” he concluded.

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