Today.Az » Politics » Union "For Democracy" calls on opposition to coordinate efforts before presidential elections
22 September 2008 [16:06] - Today.Az
A regular session of the union "For Democracy" was held Monday, said chairman of the Classical Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan Mirmahmood Miralioghlu.

He said the session participants discussed the sociopolitical situation in the country before presidential elections.

"The Union for Democracy, comprising the Classical Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan, National-Democratic Party of Azerbaijan, Azadlyg party and Great Azerbaijan Party does not participate in the presidential elections in any form.

In this connection, the parties, represented in the center, intend to coordinate their efforts.

We are currently working at the program to be executed before elections. We will continue discussions on this issue. We hope that the parties will take due measures before the presidential elections", said he.

It should be noted that the session participants adopted a special statement. It fixes that the pressure on the parties, represented in the Center, has been raised significantly. It is especially recorded from the side of the parties, who attribute themselves to oppositional. By their actions these powers want to cause a split in the center.

For the settlement of national problems the Union for Democracy calls on all the democratic powers to coordinate their efforts before the presidential elections.


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