Today.Az » Politics » Jonathan Henick: "U.S. not recognize 1915 events as genocide"
18 January 2007 [16:09] - Today.Az
The discussions of alleged "Armenian genocide" in the U.S. Congress will not cause any serious changes concerning the issue.

U.S. Embassy Public Relations Department chief Jonathan Henick told the APA that the U.S.'s position on this issue has not changed.

U.S. has never recognized 1915 events as tragedy and does not recognize now.

It should be mentioned that the U.S. president solves the main issues concerning foreign policy of the country himself. The regulation of trade relations with foreign countries is under the competence of the Congress. Though the House of Representatives recognizes false Armenian genocide, this document should be signed by the senator. According to the legislation of the U.S., the U.S. president does not have right to put veto on draft law.

It should be mentioned that, the members of Armenian Support Group in the U.S. Congress Adam Schiff, Franck Pallone, George Radanovich and Joe Knollenberg worked out draft law on recognition of 1915 events as Armenian genocide. The draft will be put in discussions by the signature of 150 congressmen. The preliminary hearings of the draft will be held this week in the House of Representatives. Armenian lobby persist in approving the draft law until April 24.

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