Today.Az » Politics » Newspaper in Dagestan propagandize against Azerbaijan
08 January 2007 [17:02] - Today.Az
Newspaper Chernovik published in Dagestan continues critical articles against Azerbaijan.

The newspaper published the appeal of unknown representative of avar nation living in Azerbaijan in its article "South wind", APA reports.
The author claimed that the number of avars in the region of Balaken is not 50 000 but 100 000. The paper propagandized against Azerbaijan and confessed that it will try to harm Azerbaijani-Russian relations.

It notes that the Chechen ideas to divide Dagestan and access to the sea come from Azerbaijan. The newspaper urges to deprive Azerbaijanis of the status of nation and to make them vanish among sakhurs, rutuls, aguls, tats and tabasaranlis.

The member of Azeri society in Dagestan Ismail Hesenov stated that Dagestan Azerbaijanis always respect Russia's territorial integrity and live with other nations in peace.

"No force may take us to subversion," he noted.

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