Today.Az » Politics » Azeri, Armenian Foreign Ministers to meet in Moscow Oct. 6
03 October 2006 [21:39] - Today.Az
The OSCE Minsk group has not finished its work, claim the Co-Chairs. Today they announced that the Armenian and Azeri Foreign Ministers will meet in Moscow on October 6.

The Co-Chairs are a little indignant at yesterday's meetings in Baku and the interpretation of the Azeri mass media. US Co-Chair Mettew Bryza says that he couldn't sleep the whole night after seeing his announcement on GUAM in the press. According to the Azeri press data, Mr. Bryza said that GUAM countries can render assistance to OSCE Minsk group in Karabakh conflict settlement. Today Mr. Bryza read his opinion on the GUAM in front of the Armenian journalists; "GUAM member countries are not OSCE members."

Bernard Fassier, French Co-Chair says that he didn't announce in Baku that Karabakh cannot participate in the negotiation process at present. He didn't answer the same question in Yerevan either. He didn't exclude the possibility that peaceful troops may be located in vacated territories by 2006.

Tomorrow the Co-Chairs will leave for Karabakh. Mr. Bryza assured that the Co-Chairs are of the same opinion on all questions, and there is no discord among them. "I can assure that the Karabakh conflict settlement has not a military solution," said Mettew Bryza. Bernard Fassier said that unless Armenians and Azeris are ready to live side by side as neighbours, the Karabakh conflict won’t be settled. As for the time when the conflict will find its final solution, Mr. Fassier said, "Let's live and see." A1+

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