Today.Az » Politics » Tumults of anti-Islamists in front of Azerbaijani embassy in London: Armenian lobby behind case
26 May 2024 [19:30] - Today.Az

By Farman Aydin, AZERNEWS

Recently, the trend of increasing sympathy for Islam among the Christian community in Europe has begun to be a concern for some radical groups. Islam accepted naturally and freely in Europe and Western countries, makes a good impression on most people. Because Islam strongly condemns coercion, violence, and, most importantly, violations of human and women's rights.

Unfortunately, Islamophobic, racist, and radical forces exist today, as always in history. Social networks promote Islamophobia in society every day in the posts of those radical anti-Islamists. With this, they exhibit their radical positions under the guise of Christianity and gather partners.

Azerbaijan is also an Islamic country and at the same time, it is a home for nations from different religions. In particular, there have been no problems related to religious radicalism in the country. But the fact that radical religious groups attempted to riot in front of our diplomatic corps in London today suggests that the matter is somewhat different.

Islamophobic and racist forces living in London held a gathering in front of the building of the Azerbaijani Embassy in London, located in Holland Park.

Among the participants of the action was Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, known as an Islamophobic propagandist in Britain and one of the most famous right-wing activists in Great Britain, who was previously convicted. The radical Islamist criminal activist is also known as Tommy Robinson.

Although he was banned from entering London for a long time, he did not step back from his biased position and took the initiative to hold illegal protests.

However, certain reasons connecting Robinson with Azerbaijan have not gone unnoticed. If we take into account that Azerbaijan is the homeland of other religions, in addition to Islam, then the claim of a radical anti-Islamist activist like Tommy Robinson against Azerbaijan does not seem very realistic. What is real is the presence of Armenian flags in the action.

It means that the Armenian lobby tried to get an opportunity from the processes that took place in London, and in order to take advantage of this, with the support of radical groups in London, they managed to hold an action in front of the Azerbaijani embassy in Great Britain.

Although the movement did not cause serious consequences, it attracted the public's attention with unpleasant impressions. This meeting, which reflects both religion and anti-Azerbaijani spirit, is undoubtedly one of the goals of the Armenian lobby organization against Azerbaijan. Despite all the efforts, the hopes of the radical brains have failed this time.

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