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20 April 2024 [08:30] - Today.Az

By Ulviyya Shahin

The recent decision to abolish the double taxation agreement between Azerbaijan and Turkiye marks a significant milestone in the bilateral economic relations between the two countries. This move, announced after a meeting of the International Relations and Inter-Parliamentary Relations Committee, reflects a commitment to fostering greater cooperation and facilitating trade and investment between Azerbaijan and Turkiye.

Double taxation agreements are crucial for promoting cross-border economic activities by preventing individuals and businesses from being taxed on the same income by both countries. The agreement between Azerbaijan and Turkiye on the elimination of double taxation and prevention of tax evasion with respect to income taxes was a vital framework governing tax matters between the two nations.

Let's discuss key points regarding recent decision to abolish the double taxation agreement between the two countries:

Economic Impact: The abolition of the double taxation agreement is expected to have a positive impact on businesses and individuals engaged in cross-border economic activities between Azerbaijan and Turkiye. By eliminating the risk of double taxation, the agreement removes a significant barrier to trade and investment, thereby promoting economic growth and bilateral cooperation.

Legal Framework: The decision to abolish the double taxation agreement reflects the commitment of both Azerbaijan and Turkiye to strengthening their legal framework for economic cooperation. By approving the draft law on the elimination of double taxation, both governments signal their intent to provide a conducive environment for businesses and investors to operate across borders.

Sectoral Cooperation: In addition to the taxation agreement, the meeting also discussed other areas of cooperation, including veterinary medicine. The approval of the draft law on cooperation in the field of veterinary medicine underscores the diverse range of sectors in which Azerbaijan and Turkiye are seeking to collaborate. This holistic approach to bilateral relations bodes well for the long-term economic partnership between the two countries.

Implications: The abolition of the double taxation agreement between Azerbaijan and Turkiye opens up new opportunities for businesses and investors from both countries. It streamlines tax procedures, reduces administrative burdens, and enhances the attractiveness of cross-border transactions. Furthermore, the decision reflects a broader trend of deepening economic integration and cooperation within the region.

The decision to abolish the double taxation agreement between Azerbaijan and Turkiye represents a significant step forward in strengthening bilateral economic ties. By eliminating barriers to trade and investment, both countries are poised to benefit from enhanced economic cooperation and closer integration. Moving forward, it will be essential for Azerbaijan and Turkiye to continue working together to leverage their respective strengths and capitalize on the opportunities presented by this landmark decision.

The economic partnership between Turkiye and Azerbaijan stands as a testament to the enduring bonds between the two nations, marked by mutual collaboration, shared interests, and sustained growth. With a GDP of 54.6 billion USD and a growth rate of 5.6%, Azerbaijan's economy reflects a dynamic landscape ripe for investment and trade. Let's delve into the key indicators and highlights of the economic relations between Turkiye and Azerbaijan.

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