Today.Az » Politics » Armenian provocation on social media ends up being total failure
19 April 2024 [15:42] - Today.Az


By Azernews

Armenian propaganda, as always, spreads lies and disinformation. It just can’t come to terms with the fact that he has completely lost both on the battlefield and in the information space.

This time, the occasion was video footage of the withdrawal of military equipment of peacekeepers from Garabagh.

The Armenian telegram channel claims that, under the guise of Russian equipment, some mythical Artsakh Defence Army equipment is being exported, which Baku allegedly transferred to Russia as payment for non-interference during the September 2023 operation.

In the footage, the vehicles, at first glance, demonstrate their origin as belonging to a peacekeeping contingent. This is a blatant lie, since these Russian armoured personnel carriers are not painted or were redesigned with aftermarket parts but in a factory manner, and this model was not used by the Armenian army units that were illegally located in Garabagh.

So, as always, the Armenian propaganda machine and disinformation end up in total failure.

The main idea of this cheap canard is to try to set Western countries against Azerbaijan and achieve the imposition of sanctions under the guise of military assistance to Russia, which is at war with Ukraine, but the trick did not work, as always.

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