Today.Az » Politics » Armenia obeys West's trick: New source of conflict emerging on conventional border
11 April 2024 [08:30] - Today.Az

Qabil Ashirov

There is no other explanation for shooting two Azerbaijani servicemen on the border by Armenia, but for playing with fire. On the other hand, it reveals the hidden side of the Armenian character. As is known, the conventional border between Azerbaijani and Armenian is one of the most militarized places on the earth. However, peace dominated on the border following the defeat of Armenia in a raw. For several months there were neither shoot-out not any provocation. Nevertheless, the West and France could not tolerate this temporary stability and instigated a new source of conflict. Paris incepted this this through its donation of weapons and military equipment to Armenia.

Later, Western media outlets started to disseminate material that ostensibly Azerbaijan was preparing military aggression against Armenia. It is worth noting that the Western media has been disseminated the said material for over two years, but Azerbaijani soldiers has not stepped an inch towards Armenia. As Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev repeated several times, Azerbaijan does not intend to invade anybody's territories. Following the dark PR of the Western media, Western politicians voiced putting sanctions on Baku for a possible military confrontation with Armenia.

To top it all off, the Brussels conference that was held on April 5 threw oil on the fire. Suddenly, Armenia became more aggressive and the skirmishes on the conventional Azerbaijani-Armenian border increased.

Reviewing all the above-said facts once again confirms that the empty promises of the West encourage Armenians and revives revanchist sentiment in the country. However, it does not promise anything good to Yerevan. It is better for Armenians not to forget that the West has never protected anyone except their interests. And fighting with mighty Azerbaijan does not meet their interests. At the end of the day, it will be ordinary Armenian citizen to pay the cost of the blunders of the authority. There are tens of examples to prove it. For example, supporting the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia in the 1970s is the best example of it. Despite the brutal mass killing of hundreds of thousands of people indiscriminating kids, young, old, and women, the West supported the terror regime because it met their interests. The Iraq-Iran war is another example. During the war, the West openly supported Saddam Hussein. However, later it was found out that the USA double-crossed Saddam Hussein by selling weapons to Iran. So to speak, the West overtly and covertly supported the two sides to prolong the war. As a results, thousands of innocent Iraqis and Iranians lost their lives. The fate of Saddam Hussein was more drastic. His former friends invaded Iraq and sent Saddam to gallows.

So, it is better for Yerevan to review its collaboration with the West. Instead, it should find common ground with Azerbaijan avoiding West's sweet but deceitful promises. Armenians should not forget that unlike their country, Azerbaijan has never tried to expand its territories at the cost of its neighbors. The foreign policy of Azerbaijan bases on international law. It should be emphasized that there are two options for Armenia. Either Yerevan sign peace agreement with Azerbaijan, or it will enjoy much dishonorable defeat soon.

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