Today.Az » Politics » Azerbaijan can dictate its will in context of its borders’ demarcation, Russian expert says
26 September 2023 [15:30] - Today.Az

By Azernews

Rena Murshud

Despite many obstacles, Azerbaijan put an end to separatism in Garabagh. In parallel, defining the borders between Azerbaijan and Armenia remains a separate mission. In all these directions, the biased approach of the West to the ongoing processes is one of the facts that becomes a special factor in complicating the issue. In this regard, the recent increase in groundless accusations of the European Union against Azerbaijan can be cited as an example. However, the European Union's non-objective remarks about Azerbaijan are a tradition rooted in the political system of some of its member states. Furthermore, the West, which turns a blind eye to them, adds fuel to the tension in the name of creating peace in the South Caucasus.

In the worst case, it misleads leaders like Pashinyan, whose words have no value. As I mentioned earlier, the most important thing is to define the borders and sign the peace agreement. But I wonder if Pashinyan will justify himself in this direction? Or will the prime minister take an adequate step in opening the only communication line for the sake of the financial well-being of his country?

In order to clarify the questions, we studied the opinion of Pavel Klachkov, a Russian political scientist, director of the branch of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, and candidate of philosophical sciences. In his comment to Azernews, the expert noted that countries like Armenia do not come to a joint agreement through the mediation of the West. Of course, they have a collective opinion on some issues. However, when analyzing the current Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict, this situation is not considered completely acceptable.

According to the political scientist, the traditional supporter of Armenia is France. However, the domestic and foreign policies of France have already become a more priority issue for her.

"Currently, there are major problems in the domestic politics of France. They are just an inch away from losing Africa or rather all their colonies in Africa. This is an almost irreversible process for them. Therefore, it would be wrong to say that France is now at the peak of its power. Moreover, in such a situation, it is unlikely that France will be able to provide military support to Armenia. Although France provides diplomatic, financial, and technological support to Armenia, it is still a waste of time, money, and effort," Klachkov opined.

According to the Russian pundit, the leadership of Azerbaijan is conducting a perfect policy by making accurate calculations. Azerbaijan knows well when and what can be done. Therefore, Azerbaijan is undoubtedly considered a strong side in the current conflict. In certain circumstances, it can even dictate its will in the context of demarcation. It is very important to understand the extent to which this will can be dictated just for it to be effective.

"As for the opening of the Zangazur Corridor, Azerbaijan has full support from Turkiye in this matter. It must be admitted that currently, Azerbaijan is operating very successfully. It is true that there are certain problems with Iran, but through interaction with Russia, this issue can easily be resolved. Since Azerbaijan and Russia have very competent and strong relations, no mistakes can be made here. Reaching an agreement with the West regarding the opening of the Zangazur Corridor will not bring any serious results. The West is simply powerless in some aspects to solve the situation in the South Caucasus because nothing good can be expected from them. Perhaps the West can make a positive turn in the direction of trade or certain solutions to some problems. However, it cannot resort to any military changes in the Caucasus. No matter how much the West tries to prevent, Russia will continue to create balance in this region," the expert underlined.

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