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09 June 2023 [08:30] - Today.Az

By Akbar Hasanov,

Almost 31 months have passed since the end of the 44-day war. During this time, Armenia managed to taste the bitterness of the failure of a number of its military provocations, as a result of which it saw the transition of a number of strategically important heights under the control of the Azerbaijani army. In addition, the protest action of environmental activists on the Lachin road has successfully ended. Now there is a border check point installed.

"Revanchists" can be indignant as much as they like, but in reality, more and more Armenians pass through the border checkpoint on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia at the beginning of the Lachin-Khankendi road. In addition, over the past time, a project called Ruben Vardanyan appeared and was reset. No, he himself is alive and well, but as a political project, with which external forces pinned certain hopes, he does not exist.

They only remember the underwear of Russian peacekeepers, which the Russian-Armenian oligarch had to smell when he cowardly fled from Khankendi to Armenia in the car of these same peacekeepers. In addition, during the time that has passed since the end of the 44-day war, Azerbaijan has greatly strengthened its position in the world political arena, becoming a state that plays a crucial role in ensuring the energy security of Europe.

Armenia, on the other hand, faced such a reality as the unpreparedness, inability of any country in the world to openly impede the implementation of Azerbaijan's demands, which were and remain justified and in accordance with international law. And it is not at all surprising that Armenia has suffered a number of diplomatic defeats. The intercession of French President Macron did not help the Armenian leadership either.

So it was in Prague and in Chisinau. As a result, Nikol Pashinyan was forced to recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, including the Karabakh economic zone and enclaves. Yes, all this is actively opposed by the Dashnaks, who have lost power in Armenia, representatives of the "Karabakh clan", as well as the Karabakh separatists who have settled in Khankendi so far. Oh yes! The main Armenian oligarch Tsarukyan, nicknamed "Stupid Gago", is also indignant.

Who else is unhappy with what is happening? Armenian diaspora in different countries of the world. Its leaders are again scribbling appeals to the world, begging for help... Karabakh separatists. It is difficult to imagine something more absurd. This is akin to requests to finance terrorism by the IMF. But there is, on closer examination, an understandable reason for the activation of the leaders of the Armenian diaspora around the world.

The fact is that their ultimate goal is to raise money. The figures there are calculated in tens and sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars. And, of course, the struggle for control over this money was, is and will be. To understand how painful this problem is for the Armenian side, it is enough to read the text published in the "Voice of Armenia" publication.

It says that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, at a meeting with the Armenian diaspora, had to answer about the notorious 100 million dollars that were transferred during the 44-day war by the Armenians of the whole world to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund in support of the Karabakh separatists, and immediately after the end of hostilities were unexpectedly handed over to the government of Armenia.

The article mentions that former President Armen Sarkissian claimed that he never received a financial report on the use of this $100 million, and criticized the actions of the Fund's management, saying that they undermined donor confidence in the structure. The article also recalled that another member of the Board of Trustees, second President Robert Kocharyan, also stated that the government is obliged to submit a report on this money.

As a result, the fourth president resigned, and the second defiantly resigned from the Board of Trustees of the "Hayastan" fund, without receiving an answer and report. But in the end, as Golos Armenii writes, the report of the Audit Chamber was made public. That is, an international audit of the spending of funds raised during the war, as some members of the Board of Trustees demanded, was never carried out.
At the same time, as Armenian journalists sneer, the fact that the person who spent the Fund’s money and today checks these expenses is one and the same person: Atom Janjughazyan, who spent them as Minister of Finance, and now heads the Audit Chamber.

“This is how an “independent report” looks like on an important issue for all Armenians, carried out by the de facto authorities: The Audit Chamber checks today what its head did yesterday, being in a different position. And this is called an “independent audit,” sums up "Voice of Armenia".

We summarize that we have before us an excellent example of the fact that for the Armenian diaspora in general and the Hayastan Foundation in particular, there has always been, is and will be important the existence of a "reason" for collecting tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. This explains their activation now, when Azerbaijan and Armenia are close to signing a peace treaty. This is a nightmare for those who are used to mastering solid budgets. And therefore, 31 months after the end of the 44-day war, they tear and rush. 'Ara, this business is being destroyed!' But, hysteria, shouting, provocations and appeals to the world community cannot change the situation.

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