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31 March 2023 [17:59] - Today.Az

By Azernews 

Qabil Ashirov

Iran's haughty and self-glorifying army generals in concert with diplomats continue to blatantly threaten and blackmail Azerbaijan and demand explanations for Baku's foreign policy priorities. This is ludicrous and comical as Azerbaijan has always been behind independent and fair policies driven by its national interests that are unharmful and non-toxic for third countries, in particular for neighbors. Tehran's theocratic regimes have always failed to assess Baku's friendly and good-neighborly policies. Alas...

In the meantime, hardly a day goes without Iran's unfounded accusations and attempts to interfere in Azerbaijan's domestic affairs. The recent vile and defamatory anti-Azerbaijani remarks by the commander of the Iranian Army's Ground Force, Brig Gen Kioumars Heydari, are also neither surprising nor unexpected.

They are not the first time, nor will it be the last and soon after this vile accusation of the figurehead general, the Iranian Foreign Ministry repeated the same rhetoric.

In a comment on the remarks by the Iranian figurehead and untested on the battlefield general, expert Farhad Mammadov opined that Iran's latest statement and the opening of the Azerbaijani embassy in Israel have irritated Iran.

However, the current accusations, especially the allegation that members of ISIS were involved in the 44-day war on the Azerbaijani side in 2020 and that they are still in Azerbaijan, are ridiculous. The claim that ISIS and Israel are in the same territory should be considered a baseless accusation and once again proves that Iran's stance on the region is wide off the mark and is inconsistent with reality.

“Iran says that it cannot turn a blind eye to a change of borders in the region. According to Khomenei, this is a red line for them. However, there was a danger of changing the borders of the two countries by force in the South Caucasus. The danger is still there with one of the South Caucasus nations. My point is that Armenia wanted and still wants to change Azerbaijan's borders by force, and Russia intends to change the borders of Georgia by force and even Russia occupied two regions of Georgia. The occupation is still going on. Both Russia and Armenia are Iran's partner countries. This accusation primarily concerns the countries with which Iran is a partner in the region and they have nothing in common with Azerbaijan,” the expert said.

Farhad Mammadov noted that it is unknown what Iran wants from the region. If Iran is against the change of borders in the region, Azerbaijan offers Armenia to sign a peace agreement, and the basis of this peace agreement is territorial integrity, mutual recognition of territories, and political solution to all issues.

“Iran has not yet expressed a clear opinion on the peace issue being discussed between Armenia and Azerbaijan. We do not know whether Iran supports it or is against it. Here, Iran's insincerity manifests itself once again,” Farhad Mammadov added.

Moreover, Azerbaijan has never had a territorial claim on Armenia, and the proof of this is the fact that Azerbaijan wants to install checkpoints both on the Lachin-Khankandi road and on the Zangezur corridor. With this, Azerbaijan once again proves that the sovereign rights over the corridor belong to Armenia.

The pundit also added that Iran's opinion about the Zangazur corridor is obscure and dark.

“If they are against the exterritorial corridor issue through Armenia, then Azerbaijan's proposal to erect checkpoints on the border disproves this claim. If they are against communications going from the western regions of Azerbaijan to Nakhchivan, passing through the territory of Armenia, then they should state this openly. Anyway, a new question crops up. If they are against our proposal, why did they sign a memorandum on communication with Azerbaijan regarding the use of Iran's territory to Nakhchivan,” Farhad Mammadov questioned.

The pundit noted that those insincere, baseless, and false views of Iran indicate that Iran's South Caucasus policy has reached an impasse. In addition, the political leadership of Armenia has not asked Iran for help in case of an attack on Armenian territory. Also, there is no document regulating Iran's military support to Armenia. That is, they are neither allies nor members of any military-political bloc, nor there is a bilateral agreement under which Iran can provide military assistance to Armenia.

“Having noted all this, I want to note that the baseless, ridiculous, slanderous accusations about Israel and ISIS are the product of the groundless and spurious official rhetoric. If Iran intends to implement a clear-cut policy vis-a-vis Azerbaijan, i.e. if it wants to eliminate the tension and normalize relations with Azerbaijan, it should show it in statements and actions.

First, Iran should step on a terrorist/s and assassin's paymaster/s for the crime against the security officer of the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran. Iran should avoid threatening anti-Azerbaijani statements and end with its hypocritical policies. Without these, of course, we will witness similar statements and military threats, and tensions will remain high,” the pundit opined.

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