Today.Az » Politics » Iran issues a military provocation threat to Azerbaijan [VIDEO]
02 January 2023 [15:24] - Today.Az

The Iranian regime continues in the face of political, economic, and social upheavals. Iran is currently provoking a military response from Azerbaijan, Azernews reports.

A video clip that circulates on Telegram channels purports to show IRGC child soldiers crossing the Araz River on the Khudafarin Bridge in the direction of the Azerbaijani territories.

Of course, the use of children as soldiers in this video is illegal and subject to legal action.

Iran is unable to comprehend that using such childish provocations won't succeed in frightening the modernized Azerbaijani Army. Iran's most recent cheap tricks resemble childish maneuvers in an absurd game.

Contrary to Iran, Azerbaijan has many international partners and allies, so any provocations are doomed to fail.