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27 February 2010 [15:15] - Today.Az
Skewered by a one-metre-long iron rod - boy of 12, Kalim Ali, miraculously survives.

X-ray of the one-metre rod that skewered Kalim Ali X-ray of the one-metre rod that skewered Kalim Ali.

He was treated by six doctors at Nair Hospital in Mumbai who performed surgery over three hours to remove the 1.5cm-thick pole. It had pierced ten internal organs, including the rectum, small intestine, lungs and liver.

According to his parents, Kalim, from Malegaon, was impaled while playing at a construction site. Incredibly the rod missed his heart and didn’t damage any major blood vessels.

Dr Hemanshi Shah, head of paediatric surgery at the hospital, said: “Adults have been involved in such accidents, but we have never performed a surgery of this kind on children.”

Doctors said that it will take four months for Kalim’s injuries to heal properly. He is recovering at the hospital’s intensive care unit.


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