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20 May 2024 [16:56] - Today.Az

Laman Ismayilova

An exhibition featuring reproductions of art works by Grigory Gagarin has opened its door in the Russian House in Baku as part of the Conversations on Culture and Art Project, Rustan Huseynov toldĀ Azernews.

The event, dedicated to the artist's birthday, highlighted his contributions to the fine arts and cultural heritage of the Caucasus region.

During the exhibition, researcher Rustan Huseynov delivered a lecture drawing attention to Gagarin's drawings, biography, and the significance of his works.

Rustam Huseynov discussed Gagarin's sketches of national costumes, paintings depicting lost architectural interiors, and historical events involving Prince Gagarin, a diplomat, officer, and skilled artist, spent over a decade in the North and South Caucasus, including several years in Azerbaijan, capturing the architecture, nature, and daily life of the mid-19th century.

Grigory Gagarin's series of works portraying "Types of Highlanders" authentically depicted the characters, their attire, and their lifestyle.

Beyond their artistic value, Gagarin's art works hold importance for historians, restorers, and anthropologists.

His detailed sketches of national costumes serve as valuable resources for research and historical clothing reconstructors.

The participants of the event were captivated by Gagarin's depictions of Azerbaijani traditional attire.

Gagarin's works provide a rich source of information about the everyday life and culture of that era, showcasing the colours, fabrics, and structures of the costumes.

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