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20 February 2024 [14:48] - Today.Az

Laman Ismayilova

Azerbaijan Culture Minister Adil Karimli has received a Croatian delegation to discuss the expansion of bilateral ties in cultural field.

During the meeting with the State Secretary for Political Affairs at the Croatian Foreign Ministry Frano Matusic, the minister hailed the development of Azerbaijani-Croatian relations, Azernews reports.

He underlined that the current cordial relations between the leaders of the two countries have created a basis for a wide range of beneficial cooperation.

The minister emphasized that mutual support within the framework of international organizations and the expansion of cooperation in various fields of culture is important for both countries.

He also informed Frano Matusic about the 6th World Intercultural Dialogue Forum to be held Baku on May 1-3, and invited the Croatian side to participate in such a high-level event.

Frano Matusic pointed out that Croatia and Azerbaijan have had fruitful economic and commercial relations for many years.

He said that it is necessary to implement mutual cultural projects for the rapprochement of the two nations and the promotion of the historical and cultural heritage of Azerbaijan and Croatia.

During the conversation, views were exchanged on the next meeting of the Azerbaijan-Croatia Joint Intergovernmental Commission to be held in Baku and other issues of mutual interest.

The Croatian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Branko Zebic and the Azerbaijani Ambassador Anar Imanov also participated in the meeting.

Azerbaijan is committed to enhancing cultural ties with Croatia. Both countries boast unique traditions, art forms, and cultural practices that have contributed to a deep sense of connection between their peoples.

The two countries have vibrant folk music traditions that demonstrate the diversity and beauty of their respective cultures.

Azerbaijani mugham art and Croatian klapa multipart singing are just a few examples of the rich musical heritage that both nations have to offer.

Both countries are well-known for their culinary delights.

Azerbaijani dishes like pilaf and dolma are enjoyed alongside Croatian specialties such as pasticada and strukli.

Azerbaijan has been working with Croatia for many years and is aiming to develop cooperation in culture and other fields.

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