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26 April 2022 [11:15] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Laman Ismayilova

The Shusha State Reserve Department has posted a photo of Khari Bulbul flower. 

"Khari Bulbul, a symbol of dear Shusha, has bloomed," the publication said.

The flower Khari Bulbul grows only in Shusha. Khari means "bee" and Bulbul means "nightingale".

If you look at the flower closely, you can easily see three petals spreading in three different directions. Two of them are like wings, and the third one in the middle is shaped like a bird’s head. This beautiful  flower grows only in Shusha.

There are many legends associated with the flower. One of the stories is about the daughter of Karabakh Khan Ibrahim Khalil –Agha Beyim Aga.

After the khan’s daughter was married to an Iranian king, she began to miss her homeland  Karabakh. So, the shah decided to build a garden that included all the different flowers growing in Karabakh.

However, Khari Bulbul  was the only flower that could not grow there.

Now, the Khari Bulbul flower is a symbol of Azerbaijan's victory in the Second Karabakh War.

In 2020, Khari Bulbul was presented to the botanical garden of Karlova University in Prague.

The presentation of the unique flower brought from Azerbaijan at the initiative of the  Azerbaijan State Diaspora activists Shabnam Asadova and Rumiya Ali to Czech botanists took place as part of the commemoration ceremony of the famous Azerbaijani biochemist, Honored Scientist, professor Akif Guliyev, who was awarded the gold medal of Karlova University. 

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