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22 April 2022 [16:42] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Laman Ismayilova

Azerbaijani dancer Farid Kazakov has qualified to the Central Asia's Got Talent semifinals. 

Central Asia's Got Talent is a televised Central Asian talent show competition.

Azerbaijan takes part in the second season of Central Asia's Got Talent  for the first time.

The show involves artists from Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. 

As a dancer told Azernews, he decided to take part in a talent show for the first time in his life although Farid Kazakov  has been previously invited to join such kinds of projects. 

However, the dancer's choice  fell on Central Asia's Got Talent in order to popularize Azerbaijan's choreographic art throughout Central Asia.

" I am very proud to represent Azerbaijan at such a large-scale event. It was clear for me that  Central Asia's Got Talent, first of all, is the show so I could create a spectacular performance. As a result, I got positive feedback from all jury members. 

Rise like Phoenix

The Phoenix is a mythological bird known throughout all cultures and all ages.

The fire bird bursts into flames and is reborn from its ashes. At Central Asia's Got Talent, Farid Kazakov brilliantly embodied this mystical bird. 

"My image of the phoenix did not leave anyone indifferent. After my performance, I can say with confidence that I have found many fans of my work in Central Asia," the dancer said. 

" I wanted to not only show my talents but also draw people's attention to major problems in our society. Such kinds of projects should  carry a deeper message and wash away its existence as many dancers, artists and singers can't convey important issues  to the audience through art," said Kazakov. 

The dancer expressed his gratitude to  TV presenter, Honored Cultural Worker Leyla Guliyeva who trained him for the show. 

Now the fate of all participants is in the hands of the audience, and it is they who will decide by voting who will go to the final.

Not with me one-man show

Farid Kazakov gets ready for his new  solo performance "Not with me". 

This one-man show premiered at the Shah Mat Theater of Performing Arts on April 22.

"Everyone has their own individuality. Throughout life we are trying to fit into society which often rejects us. The one-man show tells a story of a little boy whose life has been changed by society," said Kazakov, 

Notably, Farid Kazakov is a two-time winner of the prize "Most professional young dancer in Azerbaijan". Moreover, the dancer's name has recently entered the book dedicated to Azerbaijan's prominent public and cultural figures.

In 2021, the dancer won the prize "Turkiye Zirve Odulleri" in Turkey. He got the title the "Most Talented Dancer of Turkey 2021".

Over this time, Farid Kazakov participated in many large-scale projects.

Kazakov won the Grand Prix of the St. Petersburg Open Word National Award 2020 in performing arts. The dancer also thrilled the audience with a one-man show "Enuement" which premiered at the YARAT Contemporary Art Space this year.

The one-man show, staged by Russian director Louise Eyre, is considered the first solo choreographic performance in Azerbaijan.

In 2021, Kazakov was appointed as the European Cultural Association's ambassador.

The dancer became the first official representative of Azerbaijan and Turkey within the European Cultural Association.

Kazakov also shares his skills and knowledge with young people. Farid has been training future gymnasts since 2012. Presently, he is a head coach of the Zabradance Baku School of Gymnastics and Dance.

Moreover, his dance studio in Icharishahar is also open for young talents.