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28 May 2012 [11:11] - Today.Az

Azerbaijan has made headlines across the world as the country hosted the Eurovision-2012 song contest. The world`s leading media continue highlighting the contest.

In his article, Turkish newspaper Hurriyet commentator Ertugrul Ozkok says: “"Well done Azerbaijan, this was a brilliant start! I have been watching the Eurovision song contest for many years, for so many years I have been worried. Rooting for Turkey, I did not pay attention to the halls, opening ceremonies. Then people began paying attention to the halls, creativity. They began to notice the differences between the countries not only in music but in organizing the event. Years passed. Europe`s borders expanded. I have not seen such a beautiful opening ceremony of the Eurovision song contest."

Agence France Presse said Baku embraced the Eurovision in a big way. The agency noted the Azerbaijani capital of Baku certainly had plenty of glitter.

"In case anyone was in doubt about Baku`s love of glitz, they only had to look back across the bay where three skyscrapers called the Flame Towers ran a non-stop light display of Eurovision symbols and flags across their facades," the agency said.

Among the glittering buildings of the city, AFP mentioned the Crystal Hall (where Evrovision-2012 took place) built in the shape of a crystal topped with swirling lasers and dripping in lights that changed colour to match each competing nation`s flag. Moreover, a neon-lit clocktower in the shape of one of the oil derricks located in the city promenade attracted attention of the article`s author.

"I love glitter and for me, the Eurovision Song Contest and glitter must be together," France Press cited one of Eurovision fans from Germany.

Russian media described the Eurovision in Baku a “unique” event. Radio Voice of Russia said the song contest was well organized, and praised the hospitality of the Azerbaijani people.


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