Today.Az » Business » Azerbaijan might become a transit country for Northern Cyprus products
30 July 2005 [08:28] - Today.Az
Azerbaijan might become a transit country for export of the products to the Central Asia, Ferdi S.Soyer, the Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, told the journalists.

According to Cyprus, the leading sectors of economy in the Northern Cyprus are tourism and agriculture. “However, we are interested in the development of transit trade, as well as expansion of markets for export of goods manufactured in the Northern Cyprus,” Soyer underlined.

According to Soyer, the upgrade of relationships with Azerbaijan will enable the Northern Cyprus to export goods to the Caucasus countries and the Central Asia.

He invited the Azerbaijani and Turkish entrepreneurs to active investing in the country‘s economy, as the Northern Cyprus government plans to open new tourist centers..

Soyer said that the economy of the Northern Cyprus intensively develops. In 2004 the per capita GDP exceeded US $7,000, while the banking deposits reached around $2bn.

An Azerbaijani delegation of entrepreneurs met with Ahmet Uzun, the Finances Minister of the Northern Cyprus, assured the entrepreneurs investing in economy that favorable terms would be established in the country for them.

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