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Sputnik, Mars and Tigranakert - ANALYSIS

10 July 2024 [16:00] - TODAY.AZ
By Leyla Tarverdiyeva, Day.Az

Perhaps the funniest news on Tuesday was the news about the problems with the Armenian satellites. It turned out that Armenia launched its two satellites at random, without correctly calculating the orbit, and now they interfere with the devices of other countries. In this regard, these countries demand to remove the Armenian impostors.
Only our self-confident and narcissistic neighbors, who are used to doing as the left foot wants, could unprofessionally launch the devices into space.

The country claiming to be the Silicon Valley of Eurasia treated such a serious matter, as well as all other issues, from the height of its imaginary exclusivity. Only in Armenia could a former taxi driver be appointed deputy minister of high-tech industry.

Only Armenia can justify the problem by saying that the first satellite launched in 2022 is a private project and Yerevan has nothing to do with it. Yerevan has only issued a license, but what flies around the Earth and in what orbit does not concern him. The second satellite was already of Armenian production and was launched in December last year from California. But this time they missed.

It's a shame, comrades, it should be a shame. And this is the year when Armenia was declared Mars. And this is despite the fact that the preface to the RA law "On Space Activities" states that the exploration and development of outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, is the most important priority of the state interests of Armenia. How is Armenia going to ensure its interests on the Moon and other space bodies if it is not able to launch one spy satellite normally?

In March of this year, Armenian satellites were finally included in the United Nations register of objects, and on you...

Anyway, now let's get back to earth. There are a lot of interesting things going on here with our neighbors too.

A few days ago, all Armenian publics joyfully shared the news that, with the assistance of Hamlet Petrosyan and Marina Dedeyan, the famous French magazine Le spectacle du monde published an article "Tigranakert. The Armenian memory is under threat." The article, according to Armenian media and social networks, talked about the fake "Tigranakert", which was allegedly discovered during illegal excavations conducted by the aforementioned Hamlet near Aghdam during the Armenian occupation. Petrosyan writes that "this is an ancient city... It is a pearl of Armenian and European culture, which is occupied by Baku today and is in danger of extinction."..

When our hands finally got to the point of sorting out another product of the unhealthy life of Armenian propaganda, we discovered that this article exists only in the form of screen shots collected in a PDF file. It is not possible to find it on the website of the French magazine. The article does not make its way into Google in any form.

The most interesting thing in this story is that from the very beginning, the links on all resources were not to the original article in the French edition, but to this file, exposed on some independent platform engaged in monitoring the "Armenian heritage" of Karabakh. And what is really interesting is that even this dubious platform itself, which became the primary source of the distribution of the opus, offering readers to familiarize themselves with the article in Le spectacle du monde, also sends them there - to a PDF file. And the question arises - where is the original article and did it really exist and for how long, if from the very beginning the Armenian propaganda operates only with screen shots? We doubt that the magazine, which has repeatedly given the floor to Armenian separatists and revanchists, suddenly took and deleted the publication. What is the matter then?

The Armenian agitprop is not at all embarrassed by the lack of answers to all these questions. Our neighbors manage to conduct fake propaganda much more professionally than launching satellites.

The screenshots themselves are also curious and contain symptoms of the traditional ailments of Armenian propaganda. Take at least the main photo of the article about "Tigranakert", which depicts a church in the Aghdam district. The Armenians themselves dated it to the 7th century for their own reasons, but at the same time they themselves admit that the first mention of it dates back to the second half of the 19th century. That is, for almost thirteen centuries, the structure remained unnoticed by anyone? Come on..

For Armenians, the church is not a temple of God, but an instrument of politics and propaganda. It is not for people, but for the realization of political tasks and territorial expansions. Pay attention to how mosques are located and how Armenian churches are located. Mosques are located in residential areas, closer to people and no matter how well they look on the panorama. 

Armenian churches always try to build in such a way that they dominate the area and are visible from everywhere, even if there are no human settlements for kilometers around. That's not the main thing. During the years of the Armenian occupation, such structures grew like mushrooms on almost every hill. And each such object has been declared an object of the ancient heritage of the Armenian people.

With all our tolerance and with all our respect for the religious feelings of our neighbors, the Armenian side should not expect that the Karabakh region and Eastern Zangezur will remain "reserves" of the occupiers' heritage. Do not expect miracles of forgiveness and tolerance from us. We are already very tolerant, if we remember what Armenia has done on our lands. We're just angels.

We have already talked about the professor of Yerevan State University Petrosyan himself, who was engaged in illegal excavations in Shahbulag during the occupation period. In 2020, his shop was closed, but before the liberation of Aghdam, the so-called archaeologists managed to take all the archaeological material discovered over the years of illegal work to Armenia. Hamlet Petrosyan felt like a hero, sharing footage of the crime on social networks. And the export of artifacts illegally obtained in the occupied territories of another state is, according to international law, a crime. In other words, theft.

Today, Petrosyan is trying to maintain his failed fame by writing articles that then magically disappear from the Internet. Today, he continues to search for "Tigranakert" virtually and tries to lure European colleagues into this adventure. But after the end of the conflict, they try to distance themselves from such topics. They have already helped Yerevan enough in promoting its lies. Quite enough.

The Armenian side itself invented the lie about the "Tigranakert" near Aghdam and believes in it itself. But to be more precise, this lie was planted to her, like the entire Armenian version of the history of the region, from certain European centers, including the Mkhitarist ones, which were under the supervision of the Catholic Church and European rulers. This is how "Tigranakert" was invented, and in order to prove the existence of "great Armenia", Armenian scientists are frantically searching for this non-existent city. Wherever they have not "found" it. Similarly, the borders on the maps of "great Armenia" are moving where the interests of the major powers are moving, who want to use Armenians and Armenian nationalism to their advantage.

According to the historian, he was one of the first to visit the site of illegal excavations conducted by Hamlet Petrosyan at the Shahbulag fortress after the liberation of Aghdam. At the first glance, it was clear that the remains found by the Armenians belonged to a medieval city. Perhaps it was built on the site of an older settlement, but this fact does not make it a "Tigranakert" in any way. On the territory of the settlement, you can see the remains of a Muslim hamam, an ovdan well, which was converted and passed off as an Armenian church. A khachkar was hastily installed right there. Looking at all this, it is impossible not to smile. After all, the Armenian side claims that it has excavated a certain ancient city on the territory of the Aghdam district, built when Christianity and, accordingly, Khachkars did not exist yet, the Azerbaijani historian noted.


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