Today.Az » Society » Army's engineer-sapper units receive hands-on training [VIDEO]
18 February 2022 [15:47] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Vugar Khalilov

The Azerbaijani army is conducting practical classes with the units and subunits of the Engineering Troops, the Defence Ministry reported on February 18.

The training is being conducted under the 2022 action plan, the report added.

“The military personnel involved in the practical classes are improving the ability to use machinery and equipment available in the Engineering Troops’ armament,” the ministry said.

The engineering teams are improving their abilities to ensure the safety of troops stationed in liberated areas, as well as repair infrastructure and complete other tasks.

Earlier, the ministry reported that high-level training had been provided by Turkish specialists to the personnel.

It was underlined that engineer-sapper units conduct mine-clearance operations on Azerbaijan's liberated territories.

Engineering work is being carried out to construct new roads to Azerbaijani military positions located in mountainous areas.

Azerbaijan has been actively involved in mine clearance and reconstruction activities in its lands liberated from Armenia's occupation.

Armenia deliberately and constantly planted mines on Azerbaijani territories, in violation of the 1949 Geneva Convention, thereby being a major threat to regional peace, security and cooperation.

Along with its Mine Action Agency (ANAMA), Azerbaijan collaborates with different countries in conducting mine clearance activities in the liberated lands.

On the liberated territories, Azerbaijan's engineer and sapper units have earlier been supplied with the MEMATT (Mechanical Demining Supply) equipment produced by Turkey's ASFAT company under the Turkish National Defence Ministry. The equipment is highly effective in clearing settlements and arable lands from mines and unexploded ordnance.

The Azerbaijani army’s engineer and sapper units have so far defused over 17,000 mines and unexploded munitions in lands liberated from Armenia's occupation in November 2020, the Defence Ministry reported earlier.

The UK contributed over AZN 1 million (£500,000) to Azerbaijan’s recovery efforts and demining activities in its liberated lands.

France is also keen to donate € 400,000 (AZN 803,272 or $472,752) to support mine clearance operations in the liberated lands.

On December 9, 2021, the Prosecutor-General's Office reported that 29 civilians and seven military servicemen were killed, as well as 109 servicemen and 44 civilians received injuries of varying severity as a result of mine explosions in the country’s lands since November 10, 2020.