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02 April 2020 [14:10] - Today.Az

By Trend

There are internal cases of transmission of infection from person to person in Azerbaijan, Yagut Garayeva, department head of the Management Union of Medical Territorial Units in Azerbaijan (TABIB), said during a briefing held by the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers on April 2, Trend reports.

Garayeva added that an effective method for protection against infection is self-isolation.

She noted that a coronavirus vaccine has not yet been developed.

“In recent days, new infections have been recorded throughout the country. The numbers are growing by 10, 20 people every day. The goal is to detect infected people on time, as well as isolate both themselves and the people they contacted,” said Garayeva.

As part of the government measures to prevent the wide spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in Azerbaijan, people are required to stay in their houses and apartments, permanent or temporary places of residence. Other kinds of operation, except for the vital work and services, will be suspended from 00:00 on March 31, 2020 through 00:00 on April 20, 2020.

People are allowed to leave houses and apartments only if it is necessary to provide emergency medical care, if there is a directly dangerous situation for life and health, in order to visit authorized retail and public services, to perform official duties in cases of household waste, as well as in organizations operating during the special regime.

In order to minimize people’s communication with each other and thereby reduce the rate of infection, activities in a number of areas of the economy and services are prohibited during the announced period.

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