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22 November 2016 [16:04] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Laman Ismayilova

The Azerbaijani Ecology and Natural Resource Ministry warned that the unstable weather will continue throughout the country till November 24.

The strong north-west wind will waft and intensify, while intermittent snow is expected, from the afternoon of November 22 till the afternoon of November 23.

The minimum temperature will be 0-4 degrees of frost on November 23-24. There is the possibility of freezing roads in suburban areas.

In some northern and eastern regions, occasionally rainy, snow is expected to be intense

East wind will waft and intensify in some places. There is the possibility of freezing roads in mountainous areas.

The intermittent rain  and snow are predicted on November 23. Strong north-west wind will waft and be followed with north-east wind.

The temperature is expected 0-3?C at night, +1-4?C in the afternoon in Absheron peninsula and 0-2 ?C at night, +1-3?C in the afternoon in Baku. Air pressure records 781.

Relative humidity will be 85-95%.

The intermittent rain is expected is some regions.  It will be foggy in some places.

Sleet and snow is predicted in mountainous and foothills areas. East wind will waft.

The temperature will be 0-5?C at night, +1-5?C in the daytime, +5-10?C in mountainous areas, 0-5 degrees of frost in the daytime.

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