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21 September 2016 [16:45] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Laman Ismayilova

Landslide zones in Azerbaijan will become more active due to the expected rainfalls.

"In general, 25-26 percent of the country's territory is favorable for occurrence of landslides. The relative activation of landslide areas is being observed today. However, in case of precipitation, the situation will get worse", Deputy Director of the Institute of Geography Elbrus Alizade said in his interview with

Areas that are prone to landslide hazards in Azerbaijan include such regions as Ismayilli, Shamakhi, Shabran, Khizi, Siyezen, Guba, Gusar and Lankaran.

Baku also has its landslide zones, including Masazir, Bail, Zikh, Hovsan, Yeni Gunashli, Ahmadli. Now the landslide process is active in Zikh area.

"Lokbatan, Gurd Gapisi, Sulutepe, Sangachal and their surroundings, as well as Alat are potentially risky landslide areas. The activation of landslide processes is a quite natural. It always rains in autumn which leads to the increasing water level in rivers. Moreover, as a result of heavy rainfall the soil is saturated with moisture, which creates a favorable situation for the activation of landslides", said Alizadeh.

He also stressed that about 58 percent of country's territory is mountainous. So, this problem is actual for Azerbaijan.

"About 350 settlements in the country are located in danger zones. In Baku the main factor of landslides is associated with human activity.  Landslides appear due to road construction without using of supporting structures, cattle grazing on the slopes as well as the construction of tourist facilities. It's necessary to take into account such factors as the risk of landslides, and to consult with geologists prior to construction", he added.

The number of areas that are prone to landslides in Azerbaijan has increased by four times in the past 24 years.

Landslides occur frequently in the foothills of Azerbaijan. Many landslide zones exist in Lerik, Yardimli, on Shamakhi Road, and in the Absheron Peninsula.

Scientists believe that people are behind 80 percent of the landslides due to agricultural activity, which increases the risk of landslides.

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