Today.Az » World news » Tajik sportsmen make bike ride through Azerbaijan
01 July 2010 [13:41] - Today.Az

Two citizens of Tajikistan Khushvakhtov Alisher and Aziz Saidali make a bike ride across several countries as a part of the Olympic initiative "Sport - Ambassador of Peace". Their path runs along the route - Tajikistan - Kyrgyzstan - Kazakhstan - Russia - Azerbaijan - Iran - Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan - Tajikistan. The main purpose of cycling tour is promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Yesterday, Tajik cyclists crossed the Azerbaijani border. They intend to get to the border of Iran for two days, the Tajik Embassy in Azerbaijan told Trend. The initiative in Central Asia was implemented for the first time. The Tajik Embassy in Azerbaijan calls for competent authorities to assist the athletes.


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