Today.Az » World news » Iran election: Unprecedented turnout at Baku polling station
19 May 2017 [12:25] - Today.Az

By  Trend

Iran today is holding the presidential election in the country, and the high voter turnout of Iranians residing in Baku has been surprising, according to Iranian ambassador to Baku Javad Jahangirzadeh.

Speaking with Trend, Jahangirzadeh noted that whatever the outcome of the election is, it would have a positive effect on the Azerbaijan-Iran relations.

Iranians started to go to two polling stations in Baku to elect their next president at 8:00 local time.

This round of election includes incumbent president Hassan Rouhani fighting for a second term, rivalled by conservative Ebrahim Raisi, with a career in the judiciary and currently the superintendent of Iran’s biggest religious tourism foundation in Mashhad.

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