Today.Az » Politics » Azerbaijan's Military Police Department personnel hold combat training classes
24 May 2024 [12:54] - Today.Az

Fatime Letifova

The military personnel of the Military Police Department hold combat training classes under the training plan for 2024, Azernews reports.

The delegation led by the Chief of the Military Police Department of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Georgia, Colonel Shalva Shengelia, who is on a visit to Azerbaijan, watched the combat training exercises.

First, the Defense Ministry leadership delivered to the military personnel the requirements and instructions regarding the better organization of the commandant service activities of the military police units and increasing vigilance, as well as the organization of interoperability with the relevant state bodies.

The personnel of the military police units involved in the combat training classes was instructed to organize patrolling at checkpoints, protect military facilities, direct the movement of military vehicles, and ensure the safe movement of convoys.

Then the personnel put on alert moved towards the designated points in convoy.
According to the plan of the classes, the tasks on neutralizing terrorists and freeing captured civilians, providing first aid to the wounded and their evacuation were accomplished with high professionalism.

During the training classes, the main focus was on ensuring the safety of the civilian population in the areas of hostilities, the release of prisoners and hostages, as well as improving activities in accordance with the requirements of the Geneva Conventions in the treatment of war prisoners.

In the end, a group of distinguished military personnel was awarded.