Today.Az » Politics » Armenia continues to harm Azerbaijan's biodiversity and living nature, MFA
12 April 2024 [16:37] - Today.Az

To date, Armenia continues to harm biodiversity and living nature in Azerbaijani territories by polluting the transboundary rivers flowing from its territory to the territory of Azerbaijan, Azernews reports, citing the press service of the Foreign Ministry.

According to the ministry, this information was announced on April 12 in the Hague Peace Palace in the first official trial of Azerbaijan's claim under the "Bern Convention on the Protection of European Living Nature and Natural Habitats" within the framework of interstate arbitration.

At the same time, it was brought to attention that as a result of ecologically irresponsible and illegal construction and mining activities in forest areas by Armenia, including nature reserves protected until the illegal occupation of this country in 1991, extensive deforestation, continuous cutting of trees and pollution activities related to Azerbaijan put more than 500 species of wildlife at risk.

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