Today.Az » Politics » Community: Armenia intends to undertake military venture precisely on France's initiative
23 February 2024 [12:37] - Today.Az

Abbas Ganbay

The Western Azerbaijan Community made a statement in response to the Armenian PM's rebuttal statement in an interview with a French media outlet, Azernews reports.

Western Azerbaijan Community statement It was noted that Pashinyan tried to accuse Azerbaijan of preparing an attack on Armenia, claiming that the expression Western Azerbaijan contradicts Armenia's territorial integrity.

"The expression 'Western Azerbaijan' is an expression based on historical and geographical facts, and its use by the community is based on the right to self-identification recognised by international human rights conventions," the statement said.

"It is obvious that the Armenian Prime Minister, following the precepts of France, has gone down the path of creating tension in the region. The fact that France sells weapons to Armenia, including the current visit to Armenia by the French Defence Minister and heads of military-industrial companies in that country, gives grounds to say that Armenia intends to go on a military adventure precisely at the instigation of France.

We demand from Pashinyan not to turn his country into a tool of France's games, to stop the policy of mass armament, and to conclude peace with Azerbaijan, creating conditions for the return of Western Azerbaijanis," the statement reads.

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