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17 January 2022 [13:00] - Today.Az

By Azernews

By Sabina Mammadli

Azerbaijani Deputy Foreign Minister Khalaf Khalafov has said that Baku welcomes and supports the Turkish-Armenian efforts to mend bilateral relations.

“The region has to develop towards peace and stability. The sole way to archive these goals is to normalize relationships between the countries of the region, to reject feuds, to strengthen trust between countries, to develop economic ties, to open communications, and to form the environment for cooperation. That is why we welcome and support the start of Turkish-Armenian contacts, initiated by Turkey. We believe that the normalization of Turkish-Armenian relations also determines the normalization of Azerbaijani-Armenian relations,"  he said.

Khalafov expressed the hope that the start of the Turkish-Armenian dialogue would speed up not only the process of normalizing Azerbaijani-Armenian relations but also the fulfillment of the obligations arising from the tripartite statement signed by Baku, Yerevan and Moscow in November 2020.

He noted that there is no alternative to the implementation of the joint statements adopted as a result of the Second Karabakh War and the agreements reflected in those statements.

The deputy minister stressed that first and foremost this will be in the interests of the Armenian nation, and then in interests of other countries and nations of the region.

“This is why these processes should be continued and, naturally, we support them. To strengthen trust communications need to be open and ties need to be restored. It is definitely necessary to reject hostile moods, hostile ideology. If Armenia wants to get out of today's severe social, economic, and political crisis, then, of course, it must change its policy in the region, demonstrate its good intentions, normalize relations, renounce hostility, win the trust of the countries," Khalafov noted.

He added that the restoration of trust implies a commitment to the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the inviolability of each other's borders.

It should be noted that the first meeting of Turkey's and Armenia's special representatives towards the normalization of relations was held in Moscow on January 14.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry reported that during their first meeting, conducted in a positive and constructive atmosphere, the special representatives exchanged their preliminary views regarding the normalization process through dialogue between Turkey and Armenia.

According to the statement, "parties agreed to continue negotiations without preconditions aiming at full normalization".

The date and venue of the second meeting are to be decided in due time through diplomatic channels.

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