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23 June 2005 [08:10] - Today.Az
An international conference dedicated to 30th anniversary of the Helsinki Final Act and 15th anniversary of the Paris Charter is continuing its work.

The foreign affairs minister of Moldova Andrey Stratan made a declaration on behalf of the GUAM countries.

This was informed to APA from the press-center of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Stratan informed that the countries being the members of OSCE should treat continuation of the Dnestr conflict in Moldova, Abkhazia and Skhinvali conflicts in Georgia, and Nagorno Karabakh conflict in Azerbaijan as a danger to stability and development in the region, and must be actively drawn into solution of these conflicts. The FAM head informed that GUAM called the union to solve these conflicts on the principles of the international law standards, territorial integrity of the country and inviolability of the borders.

Question of solving the Nagorno Karabakh conflict was paid special attention in the declaration. Andrey Stratan informed that the GUAM countries decisively supported solution of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict on the principles of respect to territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and welcomes activity of the sides in the negotiations held in the frame of the meetings called the Prague process. Besides, the union stressed the importance of forming collaboration between the Armenian and Azerbaijani communities of Nagorno Karabakh provided Karabakh’s being the territory of Azerbaijan and called the Minsk Group of OSCE to expand its activity in this direction. The GUAM countries informed that it was important to assume as a basis the propositions of the Helsinki Final Act and Paris Charter when solving these conflicts.

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