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14 November 2017 [17:42] - Today.Az

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A solemn ceremony marking the 25th anniversary of creation of the New Azerbaijan Party (NAP) was held on November 14.

President of Azerbaijan, Chairman of the NAP Ilham Aliyev attended the event held at the Heydar Aliyev Center.

The formation of the New Azerbaijan Party played a special role in prevention of unpleasant processes in Azerbaijan in the future, President Aliyev said while addressing the ceremony.

“Twenty-five years ago, the founding conference of the New Azerbaijan Party was held in Nakhchivan under the chairmanship of national leader Heydar Aliyev. It was a great historic event,” he said.

President Aliyev went on to say that Azerbaijan has voluntarily entered organizations where it has membership and can voluntarily withdraw.

“We will continue to take an active part in the international organizations. The Non-Aligned Movement, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation is a priority for us. We have been active member of the Council of Europe for more than 15 years and many events have been conducted through this organization. However, recently, as a result of the activity of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, an artificial crisis has been created between Azerbaijan and this organization. We are not the initiator of this crisis. We simply take adequate steps towards the hypocritical and unfair policies against us. I believe that our adequate response is also a step taken in place and time.”

Ilham Aliyev considers that, in general, a well-known international organization such as the Council of Europe should not be the victim of unscrupulous ambitions of any individual.

“I hope that the issues related to this organization will also be solved. We want it, we hope for this. But, if this crisis deepens, then Azerbaijan will be fully free in its choice. We voluntarily joined all the organizations that we are members of and can voluntarily withdraw. No one can forcibly force us into any organization,” he noted.

Speaking at the event, the head of state spoke about the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, stressing that there will be no change in Azerbaijan’s principled position on the settlement of the conflict.

“The Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict should be resolved within the territorial integrity of our country. There is no other way. We cannot allow a second Armenian state to be established in our historical lands. The norms of international law should be fully applied. The UN Security Council resolutions should be fully implemented. Sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan should be restored,” noted President Aliyev.

“This is a principled position. This position is based on history and international law, because Nagorno-Karabakh is our historical, ancestral land, because the whole world, all the countries recognize and respect the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan."

Nagorno-Karabakh is an integral part of Azerbaijan, said the President, adding that another event confirming this took place this year.

“The illegal referendum held again in Nagorno-Karabakh due to Armenia’s recklessness was not recognized by the entire world community. Neighboring countries, co-chairing countries of the Minsk Group, the European Union and other organizations did not recognize the results of the referendum. By doing so, they once again confirmed that Nagorno-Karabakh is an integral part of Azerbaijan,” said the head of state.

Ilham Aliyev added that consistent efforts on recognition of the Khojaly genocide will further continue.

Saying that five years ago, three countries officially recognized the Khojaly genocide, the head of state noted that in only five years more than 10 countries have recognized the genocide.

“A consistent policy will be pursued in this direction,” added the President. “Simultaneously, we will increase our military power. According to international ratings, today the Azerbaijani Army is among the most powerful armies in the world.”

 The Azerbaijani Army will be provided with necessary funds and equipment, said the head of state.

“There will be no limitations. Our military power plays and will play its role in the liberation of our lands and the restoration of our territorial integrity,” said Ilham Aliyev.

The head of state noted that the April battles, the liberation of a part of Azerbaijani lands, particularly, a part of Aghdara, Fuzuli and Jabrayil regions, showed the power of Azerbaijani army to the whole world.

“Armenia is still trying to present the distorted version of the April battles to the world community, but it is a very ridiculous attempt. It is enough to say that today we are sitting in trenches that were dug then by Armenians in the occupied lands and control a large area from those trenches. The April battles are our glorious victory and they showed the power of the Azerbaijani nation and soldiers. It showed that the Azerbaijani state and people will never reconcile with the occupation and will restore their territorial integrity at any cost,” added President Aliyev.

Talking about country’s economy President Aliyev said that for many countries, Azerbaijan's financial situation is unattainable.

He stressed that the Azerbaijani government will continue to pursue a consistent policy to diversify the economy.

“This policy gives its results,” the President said. “Dependence on oil is declining today. But we must know that the oil and gas sector will continue to be leading in our economy for many years.”

“Profound reforms were mainly conducted in the non-oil sector and our export sharply increased,” President Aliyev added. “The figures for nine months are very positive. Agriculture, non-oil sector, non-oil industry are rapidly developing. Our currency reserves are growing, they must grow over the next years.”

“Our foreign exchange reserves grew by $4.5 billion for nine months of this year,” the President said. “Taking into account the low oil price, this is a very big achievement. At the same time, this achievement shows that our financial situation is very stable. For many countries, our financial situation is unattainable.”

“It is enough to say that our external debt is less than 20 percent and foreign exchange reserves are equal to GDP,” he said. “Of course, reforms in the economic sphere and in the development of the country’s districts will certainly intensify over the next years. It will allow us to get even more profit through the non-oil sector.”

The Azerbaijani president stressed that the country’s government pursues very clear goals in connection with the further development of the energy and transport sectors - two spheres that are of great importance for the country.

“All obligations in the oil and gas sector have been fulfilled,” the President said. “The contract on Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli block of oil and gas fields has been extended. The Southern Gas Corridor is being successfully implemented.”

“I am sure that next year we will celebrate the opening ceremony of the TANAP project,” he said. “In general, the Southern Gas Corridor project is planned to be implemented in 2020 and I do not see any problems here. We just should follow the schedule.”

“The European Union will also recognize Azerbaijan as the leading country in implementation of this project,” the president said. “Indeed, our role in the implementation of this project cannot be overestimated, it is a leading role.”

Ilham Aliyev said after the commissioning of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway, the country's main efforts will be made to increase the cargo volume.

“At present, we are working on this issue,” he said. “Moreover, additional actions are required to create the North-South Transport Corridor. One can say that we completed all the work on our territory. At present, we are ready to provide additional technical and financial resources to accomplish this project.”

“Thus, these two projects will turn Azerbaijan into an indispensable transport center, which will play a very important role in ensuring both our political and economic interests," the president said.

President Aliyev stressed that the development of modern technologies in Azerbaijan is one of the issues on the agenda.

The president added that one of the issues on the agenda is the launching of the third artificial satellite into orbit.

“Of course, in connection with our further activity, we have a conceptual approach in all spheres,” he said. “If today I talk about all plans, then I will need several hours. Today I have brought to your and public attention the main and important directions for the further work.”

“Once again, I would like to say that we have all the opportunities to implement these plans,” he said. “Up to now, we have never made empty promises. We fulfilled promises which we have made. The trust of the public and people is mainly connected with that. But we talked about the real plans, real results and problems. Of course, there are enough problems in the society. We know them and continue our work to solve these problems."

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