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02 February 2010 [16:33] - Today.Az
Prince Harry raked in £30,000 for his charity despite losing a bet for the cash after a dramatic fall from his polo pony.

A wealthy businessman had offered the donation if the prince could stay on his horse during a fund-raising polo match in Barbados.

Harry's horse slipped, sending him crashing to the ground, but the mystery benefactor honoured the bet anyway.

Speaking after the match, Prince Harry said: "I'm a bit sore but it was all for a good cause so it was worthwhile in the end.

"Basically the horse slipped from underneath me, which does happen occasionally and is a bit unfortunate.

"It probably looks very dramatic because I was trying to throw myself clear of the horse. I'm a bit sore but the horse is OK though."

After the fall Harry threw his mallet and took off his helmet and punched it in frustration.

He said: "When I fell off, I threw down my mallet and shouted 'What a waste of 100,000 (Barbados dollars)'. I was furious with myself.

"Fortunately this extremely generous gentleman has already been in touch and told us that it was clear that the horse fell over, rather than I fell off it, so he was happy to honour the 100,000 dollars. What a star."

Harry was in Barbados for the annual Sentebale Polo Cup to raise money for his charity Sentebale, which aims to help poor children in the African kingdom of Lesotho.

The Prince said his three-day visit to Barbados had been exhausting but rewarding.

"Everyone from our local supporters to the Barbados government have bent over backwards to make this work for Sentebale. People have dug so deep in their pockets.

"It looks like we may have raised £500,000 for the vulnerable children of Lesotho, so I couldn't be more pleased."

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